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Huggies[Kimberly Clark] Huggies Baby wipes *BUNDLE OF 3* DELIVERY IN 1 DAY

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QX QUICK Seller 2017-05-31
CHANGE ORDER INFO Seller 2017-05-31
Manufacturer/Product Origin Kimberly Clark Condition New Product
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Delivers From From Overseas (Singapore)
Pay on delivery Available
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Highly Recommend Nicely packed

Repeated purchase. Quality was good and highly recommended 🙂

1st Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 64 sheets(+S$7) | 2nd Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 80 sheets(+S$7) | 3rd Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 16 sheets

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Feb 10, 2021
kal*** (SG )

Highly Recommend Happy with purchase

Speedy delivery and good price. Will buy again

1st Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 20 sheets | 2nd Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 20 sheets | 3rd Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 20 sheets

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Jan 17, 2021
jul*** (SG )

Highly Recommend Huggies Baby Wipes

Quick delivery. Repeat purchase.

1st Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 80 sheets(+S$7) | 2nd Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 80 sheets(+S$7) | 3rd Pack:Nourishing Clean 3 packs x 72 sheets(+S$7)

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Jan 15, 2021
hta*** (SG )

Highly Recommend Next day delivery

Order yest deliver today. Repeated orders

1st Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 64 sheets(+S$7) | 2nd Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 64 sheets(+S$7) | 3rd Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 64 sheets(+S$7)

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Oct 29, 2020
too*** (SG )

Highly Recommend Waited for a few days before delivery

Finally arrived after waiting so long.haizzzzz

1st Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 64 sheets(+S$7) | 2nd Pack:Pure Clean 3 packs x 64 sheets(+S$7) | 3rd Pack:Clean Care 3 packs x 80 sheets(+S$7) | GIFT WITH PURCHASE:O2 safe sanitizer spray 500ml | Wyeth Sample:Progress Gold Stage 3 200g SAMPLE

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Oct 18, 2020
wil*** (SG )

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Highly Recommend Feb 17, 2021 eyp*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Feb 13, 2021 bob*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Feb 11, 2021 haf*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Feb 02, 2021 ett*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Jan 27, 2021 yum*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Jan 26, 2021 dia*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Jan 26, 2021 sie*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Jan 17, 2021 all*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Jan 14, 2021 cyn*** (SG SG)
Highly Recommend Jan 11, 2021 mar*** (SG SG)

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    QX quick orders:

    If QX quick delivery passed desired shipping date/time, when customer isn't around, we will not be able to send a reshipping request on our end.
    QXquick orders that does not fit the shipping requirement, it will be changed to QXpress standard courier services automatically.

    If items ordered are out of stock, qxpress will not be able to deliver the items, shipping will be changed to a later date of delivery, at the same timeslot.

    Thank you



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    3) If customer did not select the free gift - request to add in, we are unable to do so as well.
    4) For special cases, we will be charging extra shipping fee
  • Answered
    max 2020-11-16
    your order is in pick n pack and you will rcv it today or tmr. there was a delay due to qxpress having overwhelming orders over 11.11. we will write to them and ask to them about the delay. you may write to as well if you wish.
    Qoolife Mall 2020-11-17
    Please provide shipping reference or tracking number so that I can check with Qxpress, items are still in 'Shipping Requested' status.
    Dear customer, we have replied to your other inquiries.
    Please kindly refer to them instead.
    Thank you.
    I think you are really taking my patience for granted.
    On 13 November, it was agreed that you will arrange for delivery ASAP.

    On 16 November, you informed order pick and pack, I should get it either yesterday or today. You even referred me to Qxpress to check but without any tracking information.

    Now it is mentioned item is still packing.

    I think you should make up your mind on the status of my order. I expect to receive my orders to my doorstep no later than end of today.

    I have also yet to hear back from you regarding my request of service recovery.
    You may quote the order number 331035409 - 331035414. Our items are fully in stock and the delay is due to qxpress handling overwhemling number of orders. There is a chance that your items may reach tomorrow instead of today. If that is the case, please let us know if this is okay with this arrangement, or we can assist to cancel the order for you. Kindly be informed that there will be no compensation.
  • Answered
    Tankahsin 2020-10-04
    Private Inquiry
    Qoolife Mall 2020-10-05
    Private Inquiry