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NestleNESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO NDG Coffee and Tea Capsules (Bundle of 3)

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QX QUICK Seller 2017-05-31
Manufacturer/Product Origin Spain Condition New Product
Expiration Dateat least 3 months of expiry from delivery date
Delivers From From Overseas (Singapore)
Pay on delivery Available
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Jun 11, 2021
shy*** (SG Singapore)

Highly Recommend waiting for delivery

still waiting for delivery of the item....

1st Box:Cafe Au Lait (16S) | 2nd Box:Cafe Au Lait (16S) | 3rd Box:Chococino (8S) | TRY ME:none

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Jun 09, 2021
lht*** (SG Singapore)

Recommend Coffee capsule

Did not check the expiry date, i think should be ok

1st Box:Ristretto Ardenza (16S) | 2nd Box:Ristretto Ardenza (16S) | 3rd Box:Ristretto Ardenza (16S) | TRY ME:none

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Jun 04, 2021
ton*** (SG Singapore)

Netural Item was well packed and delivery was fuss free.

Item was well packed and delivery was fuss free.

1st Box:Cappuccino (8S) | 2nd Box:Unsweetened Latte Macchiato (8S) | 3rd Box:Unsweetened Latte Macchiato (8S) | TRY ME:none

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Jun 03, 2021
wjf*** (SG Singapore)

Highly Recommend Worthy buy....

My all time favourite....

1st Box:Latte Macchiato (8S) | 2nd Box:Latte Macchiato (8S) | 3rd Box:Cafe Au Lait (16S) | TRY ME:none

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May 31, 2021
sha*** (SG Singapore)

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Highly Recommend Jun 15, 2021 REI*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 14, 2021 sse*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 13, 2021 ank*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 12, 2021 sok*** (SG Singapore)
Recommend Jun 09, 2021 win*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 06, 2021 hai*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 04, 2021 sus*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 04, 2021 par*** (SG Singapore)
Recommend Jun 02, 2021 yue*** (SG Singapore)
Highly Recommend Jun 02, 2021 jwl*** (SG Singapore)

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    QX quick orders:

    If QX quick delivery passed desired shipping date/time, when customer isn't around, we will not be able to send a reshipping request on our end.
    QXquick orders that does not fit the shipping requirement, it will be changed to QXpress standard courier services automatically.

    If items ordered are out of stock, qxpress will not be able to deliver the items, shipping will be changed to a later date of delivery, at the same timeslot.

    Thank you
  • Answered
    amk5069 2021-06-13
    Dear customer, our items move quickly so we are unable to provide an exact expiry date. We guarantee at least 3 months of expiry from date of delivery. Thank you.
    Qoolife Mall 2021-06-14
  • Answered
    nature34d 2021-05-27
    Hi customer, this flavour has been discontinued by Nestle Singapore. There will be no more replenishment. Thank you
    Qoolife Mall 2021-05-27
  • Answered
    xshleyg 2021-03-30
    Hi customer, re-stocks should be replenished on Thursday mignight. Thank you
    Qoolife Mall 2021-03-30
    Hi, it is still not replenished. Wanted to give mocha a try.
    we are sorry that there was a delay on our shipment and stocks will be replenished on coming Monday/Tuesday. Do check back again.
  • Answered
    m_yap82 2021-02-09
    Private Inquiry
    Qoolife Mall 2021-02-09
  • Answered
    gerralyntayao 2021-02-08
    Private Inquiry
    Qoolife Mall 2021-02-08
  • Answered
    m_yap82 2021-01-30
    Private Inquiry
    Qoolife Mall 2021-02-01
  • Answered
    kjscus 2021-01-23
    Hi customer, may we have your order no. to check?
    Qoolife Mall 2021-01-25
  • Answered
    ebay938 2021-01-05
    Private Inquiry
    Qoolife Mall 2021-01-05